Prevail Didn’t Invent Healthy Beef Jerky – We Reinvented It

CHICAGO — Prevail does things differently. They use all unique ingredients like matcha and cardamom to make this unlike any jerky you’ve ever tried. From the grass-fed & finished beef to the authentic cherrywood smoke, every detail matters. But what they don’t put into it is just as important.  Prevail is mindful of every step of their (unprocessed) process. “Cows might fly before they add soy, cane sugar or any extra junk.” They are proudly Paleo, Keto, and Gluten Free Certified.

Prevail is made in small batches, but you’ll want to eat it by the handful. Each impossibly tender bite is packed with flavor, smoked to perfection and leaves you craving more. Whether you’re a jerky lover or just jerky-curious, Prevail is made for ingredient conscious snackers of all kinds. Because when it comes to jerky, their philosophy is simple:

Never settle, always Prevail.

Prevail comes in four crave-worthy flavors: Original, Spicy, Umami, and Lemongrass Sichuan—each more unique than the next.

About Prevail Jerky:

Prevail Beef Jerky is new to the market, but really began back in 2004 when founder Glen Kohn’s wife was diagnosed with celiac disease. Her diagnosis forever changed how their family ate, shopped, and lived (for the better). And as a master chef extraordinaire (not really, just a great husband who loved jerky) Glen knew he had to take action.

Up until the last few years, they found it very difficult to find clean, healthy snacks where they didn’t have to compromise on flavor. Jerky, a family favorite, was no exception. It was impossible to find a product without soy, cane sugar, or other preservatives they were trying to avoid. Did you know most jerky brands don’t even use real smoke? Needless to say, when label watching for allergy concerns, they were coming up short—and hungry. So, they decided to make their own.

Since then, they have been passionately dedicated to making a product that is truly Paleo, but more importantly, that tastes delicious. “There are plenty of healthy jerky brands out there, but they all tasted ‘healthy’. I truly believe it’s our unparalleled taste and texture that set us apart. I’m confident that when people say they don’t like jerky, they’ve just never tried it like mine,” says Glen Kohn, CEO & Founder. For more information, visit: For Samples call: 630-258-4453