Professional Research On Diamond Ranch Foods Ltd. & Bill The Butcher Inc., Higher Feed Costs Bring Mixed Results To Meat Products Industry

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The Meat Products Industry has benefited from the economic turnaround, as customers have loosened their purse strings, especially over Christmas. While prices generally rise around the holiday season, this year experienced an earlier and higher leap in prices as meat producers dealt with rising feed costs by passing them on to the consumer. The increase has been attributed to higher corn prices, as earlier this year the government increased the amount of allowable ethanol in blended gasoline, thus reducing corn availability. Visit us at to understand the catalysts and forces driving or affecting the meat products industry in today's economic environment. is a specialized website where investors can have specific access to free reports meat products industry; traders looking for analyst opinions on Diamond Ranch Foods Ltd., Bill The Butcher Inc. and other companies in this industry are welcomed to sign up for a free one year membership at

Diamond Ranch Foods Ltd. which produces and distributes meats will be watching the price of corn and other grains closely as the New Year approaches. The company expanded into Mexico this year and will have more trouble managing margins if feed costs continue to rise. Traders can get direct and free access to today's full report on Diamond Ranch Foods Ltd. by signing up at

One company not affected by higher corn prices is Bill The Butcher Inc. The company which only buys grass fed organic meats for their butcher shops, has been doing well recently. They have expanded their retail outlets in Washington State, and are hoping that the growing interest in healthier livestock will continue into 2011. Traders can have complimentary access to today's complete research report on Bill The Butcher Inc. by signing up at

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