Rubicon Jerky. Announces Availability of Flank Steak Jerky

Chicago, IL — Rubicon Jerky™. announced immediate availability of Flank Steak Jerky, enabling Buyers to immediately place wholesale orders via phone 872-215-1835 or and samples or retail orders may be purchased at

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already reviewed this one of a kindFlank Steak Jerky. “I’m not a big fan of beef jerky but this is the exception.  It’s a breakthrough product in a highly competitive market.  It tastes like great barbecue!” “Hands down the most flavorful beef jerky.  I recently purchased a case and shared it on a hiking trip, it was like having a steak on the go!”

Our Vision

When committing to any path of significance, we all know that at some point we will reach a limit, a boundary, or a line, that once we cross, we are all in, totally committed, it’s the point of no return.  For us, it’s pushing the limits of flavor, texture and quality for a jerky experience that is superior to all others.  This is Rubicon Jerky™.


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