Sahlen’s Hot Dogs Available at Brookshire’s, Super 1 and Fresh by Brookshire’s Food Stores

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Beginning in August 2021, Sahlen Packing Co., a family-owned and operated food production company founded in Buffalo, New York, in 1869, will be offering one-pound packages of its Tender Casing Pork & Beef Hot Dogs and Tender Casing All Beef Hot Dogs in Brookshire’s Food Stores located in Texas.

Out of its 110,000 square-foot food manufacturing facility, Sahlen Packing Co. helps to deliver over 15 million pounds of fresh, quality meat products across the country every year, including sausages, a variety of deli meats such as Smokehouse Ham and Turkey, as well as their flagship hot dog products soon to be available at Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods, and FRESH by Brookshire’s Food Stores across Texas—Tender Casing Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs and Tender Casing All Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs.

Now a five-generation family business, Sahlen Packing Co. has increased its national distribution and consumer demand thanks to a company-wide commitment to quality food production practices, active community outreach initiatives and strong relationship-building with retailers such as Brookshire Grocery Company.

Sahlen’s VP of Marketing, Kenneth Voelker, on the new product offering and partnership with Brookshire’s Food Stores, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Brookeshire’s to expand our brand into Texas for the first time. Many former Buffalo residents who have relocated to Texas have been vocal about not being able to get their favorite hot dog at retailers. I’m sure they will be happy to see us on the shelves and will turn on new customers to the brand as well.”

Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs are crafted with only the freshest, gluten-free ingredients, contain no binders, fillers, or mechanically separated parts, and are wrapped in a tender collagen casing giving each hot dog its signature snap. The tender casing of both the Pork & Beef and All Beef varieties make Sahlen’s Hot Dogs perfect for grilling, either on a gas or charcoal grill, pan-frying, or broiling.

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