Silver Fern Farms Expands Retail Range to Southern California and Launches New Premium Rib-Eye and New York Strip Steaks

LOS ANGELES – Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand’s largest red meat producer and exporter, is launching their new premium Beef Rib-Eye and New York Strip Steaks in combination with their grass-fed retail range in 15 new stores across Southern California in Jons Fresh Marketplace (Los Angeles), Major Market, and Stumps Family Market (San Diego).

“Southern California has quickly become an influential forerunner in the movement towards environmental sustainability across many different industries and interest including both food and agriculture,” said Matt Luxton, Silver Fern Farms US Country Manager. “However, what is most impressive about Southern California’s dining and cooking scene is that home cooks and professional chefs alike have continued to elevate their flavors in lockstep with their progressive preference for ingredient quality. We believe that Silver Fern Farms’ sustainable chain of care and superior flavor profiles will be a hit with Californians from all walks of life and we are excited to see how our retail range will be incorporated into the many cuisines and cultures of the state.”

In 2019 Silver Fern Farms entered the U.S. retail market, launching in the New York Tri-State region (now available in 33 stores). The full retail range consists of beef, lamb, and venison products. Silver Fern Farms animals are pasture-raised and grass-fed as nature intended in New Zealand, with clean water, fresh air, and a lot of respect. Following success on the East Coast, Silver Fern Farms will now offer Southern California residents a way to enjoy the true taste of New Zealand red meat, produced with delicious flavor in mind:

  • Beef: Rib-Eye Steak, New York Strip Steak, Premium Ground
  • Venison: Medallions, Premium Ground

Silver Fern Farms retail line introduced their 100% standard beef and lamb programs as a branded offering for the first time in the United States. These programs promise that their farmers go above and beyond the already world-leading New Zealand industry standard to produce meat that is 100% grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised, with no antibiotics ever, no added hormones ever, and no feedlots at any time in their life. Silver Fern Farms’ entire retail range is also certified paleo and keto. The Silver Fern Farms retail beef and lamb products are also Halal.

Silver Fern Farms has been able to bring their grass fed products to the US by working with The Lamb Company, a trusted red meat supplier servicing the North American market for over 50 years, of which Silver Fern Farms is an owner and shareholder. “Through relationships and part ownership of distribution partners in key strategic countries like the USA we are able to have very clear visibility of every stage of the supply chain from the Farmer to the Retailer which is very unique in this industry” says Luxton.

The new Rib-Eye Steak and New York Strip Steak are hand selected by Silver Fern Farms’ Master Graders as part of their industry leading Eating Quality system. The EQ system is a science-backed grading process that rates beef on seven scientific criteria proven to contribute to the eating quality of red meat and allows Silver Fern Farms to guarantee a better beef eating experience. The seven factors are: Ultimate PH, Marbling, Ossification, Rib Fat/Total Rib Fat, Meat Color, Fat Color, and Eye Muscle.

The Rib-Eye Steak is made for real steak-lovers promising bold beef flavor and natural grass-fed marbling, whereas the New York Strip Steak is full-flavored with a narrow fat cover for a creamy mouthfeel and juicy results. If extra inspiration is needed Silver Fern Farms has made a library of recipes that bring the best flavor profiles out of each dish.

Silver Fern Farms’ pasture-based farming system is a global forerunner in environmental sustainability with point of origin traceability technology enabled to give consumers the confidence of knowing that their food is genuine and true to its origin claims. At every step in the journey from pasture to plate, the highest level of care is taken to ensure that their red meat is the very best it can be. Silver Fern Farms’ chain of care begins on-farm, where animals are raised with the care and respect they deserve.

Silver Fern Farms is leading the country’s efforts to meet sustainable targets for its processing sites. Since 2017 Silver Fern Farms has removed 89 tons of plastic from its supply chain each year, reduced fossil fuel use by 12%, and used 7.7% less energy overall as an organization. It is the first New Zealand red meat processor with a certified carbon footprint and to adopt an accredited program to reduce Greenhous Gas emissions. Silver Fern Farms has mapped a path to meet a low carbon future, is squarely focused on improving  recently adopting an independently certified Environmental Management System. To recognize and support a focus on its long term commitment to sustainability across its farmer supply base Silver Fern Farms is working to incorporate and define increasingly important regenerative agriculture practices.

ABOUT SILVER FERN FARMS: Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s largest grass-fed lamb, beef and venison producer, supplying the United States from the rolling pastures in New Zealand and striving to set the world standard in red meat. Starting as a small farm cooperative in 1948, they produce 30% of all New Zealand lamb, beef, and venison in partnership with 16,000 farmers, and exports to over 60 countries.

ABOUT JONS FRESH MARKETPLACE: Since its founding in 1977, JONS International Marketplace has been a family-owned grocery chain serving the people of greater Los Angeles.

ABOUT MAJOR MARKET: Major Market has been a staple in the Fallbrook and Escondido community for over forty years with a larger selection of items and friendly customer service.

ABOUT STUMPS FAMILY MARKET: Founded in 1977 Stumps is a locally owned family business that features the freshest produce, and finest meats in a clean family friendly atmosphere.