Silver Fern Farms to Enter US Retail Market in Tri-State region Fairway Markets

NEW YORK — Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand’s largest grass-fed lamb, beef, and venison producer, has entered the U.S. retail market having launched in 14 Fairway Market stores across the Tri-State region this October.

Silver Fern Farms’ grass-fed and pasture-raised products have been available to restaurants, specialty butcher shops and industry professionals through long standing specialty foodservice distributor North American Meats and More, a division of Marx Companies. Silver Fern Farms’ new Fairway Market partnership marks the first time U.S. consumers will have access to the brand’s retail packs and be able to taste the flavorful cuts at their local store.

“New York City is one of the great food capitals of the world and we are excited to provide New Yorkers with delicious eating experiences in the comfort of their own homes,” said Matt Luxton, Silver Fern Farms’ Director of US Sales. “Our products have been available in local butchers and restaurants in NYC for several years, and after listening to positive feedback from consumers we are confident that New York City has an appetite for our 100% grass-fed New Zealand products.”

With its 100% standard program, Silver Fern Farms’ farmers go above and beyond the already world-leading New Zealand industry standard to produce meat that is 100% grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised, with no antibiotics ever, no added hormones ever, and no feedlots at any time in their life.

Silver Fern Farms takes the highest level of care to guarantee the integrity of their products and supply chain, and has partnered with Oritain, and uses their Scientific Traceability system to verify the origin of their red meat.

As part of its 100% standard promise, Silver Fern Farm retail products will soon feature a QR code-enabled on-pack product traceability system that will give consumers the ability to trace where the meat comes from and the quality of its environment.

New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where grass-based farming reaches its true potential. New Zealand’s National Animal Tracing (NAIT) system is one of best in the world and requires mandatory premise and animal identification, birth ID tags, and animal movement traceability.

New Zealand’s pasture-based farming system is a forerunner in environmental sustainability and was rated first equal for animal welfare standards by the Animal Protection Index, one of four countries in the world to receive the top grade. Silver Fern Farms is leading the country’s efforts to meet sustainable targets for its processing sites, removing 23.8 tons of plastic from its supply chain in 2017, and aiming to reduce water use and wastewater by 10% (2020) and greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (2030). So far, the company has already implemented a number of initiatives to address climate change and reduce its impact on the environment.

To experience the true taste of grass-fed and pasture-raised New Zealand red meat raised with delicious flavor in mind, you can visit your local Fairway Market store to take a pack home. Products that will be available in Fairway Market stores will include:

  • Beef: Premium Ground
  • Lamb: Medallions, Steaks, Premium Ground
  • Venison: Medallions, Premium Ground

Silver Fern Farms has plans to expand its range with more products to come in the new year.


Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s largest grass-fed lamb, beef and venison producer, supplying the Tri-State area [NY, NJ, CT] from the rolling pastures in New Zealand and striving to set the world standard in red meat. Starting as a small farm cooperative in 1948, Silver Fern Farms has been built by passionate and skilled people and has become the world’s benchmark for red meat, bringing the finest grass-fed and naturally raised meat from New Zealand pastures to your table. From its farmers, graders and butchers, to any one of us in our own kitchens, Silver Fern Farms understands that the ability to make delicious is in the way they approach their product, from start to finish. The company was rated in the top 20 companies on the Colmar Bruntons Corporate Reputation Index 2019 for the second year, as one of only two food brands. It produces 30% of all New Zealand lamb, beef and venison in partnership with 16,000 farmers, and exports to over 60 countries.