Superior Farms Extends Easter Pricing To New Customers

DIXON, CA – Now that the the West Coast ports dispute that has wreaked havoc on deliveries of imported products has been resolved, experts are estimating that it could take months, perhaps longer, to restore operations to their normal rhythm. In light of the 29-port backlog, Superior Farms announced today a program aimed at inviting retailers to buy American Lamb, which in turn will ensure that consumers will be able to purchase their favorite holiday meat fresh and in time for the Easter season.

Knowing that imported lamb from Australia and New Zealand has been diverted through the Panama Canal to the East Coast, Superior Farms, the California producer that services the entire country, will extend its Easter Pricing to any new customer who is currently buying imported product.

“We want retailers and food service professionals to know that we’re here for them,” says Greg Ahart, Vice President of Sales for Superior Farms. “We are very proud of our products and know that consumers would rather purchase, local, domestically produced lamb from family sheep ranchers across the U.S.”

Many retailers, such as Save Mart and Lucky in Northern California, Haggen supermarkets in the Pacific Northwest, Gelson’s in Southern California and Kroger and Walmart stores nationwide, sell American Lamb exclusively and have increased sales year over year, despite a slightly higher price point over imports. “American lamb provides our consumers with an exceptional eating experience,” says Ahart. “Its mild flavor and freshness are attributable to the great care that our local ranchers provide for these lambs. Our customers know that Superior Farms provides them with great service and a consistent supply of the highest quality American lamb.”

Thanks to a steady supply, Superior Farms’ Easter Pricing is coming in at a reduction over the 2014 Holiday Season pricing. Superior Farms believes that with the combination of good pricing, reliable delivery and the freshest product, the company is in good stead to introduce more consumers to American Lamb.

“We support local producers of American lamb. We deliver fresh, high quality protein every day from American ranchers in our customers’ backyard,” says Rick Stott, Chief Executive Officer of Superior Farms. “Lamb is definitely on trend, especially local lamb, as many restaurants are serving American lamb in some very innovative dishes. As a result, many consumers are discovering lamb for the first time and we’d hate to see consumers without product over the Easter holidays.”

Source: Superior Farms