Team BEEF Program is at Full Speed in South Dakota

June wrapped up some large events for Team Beef S.D members, a community of runners and cyclists who recognize the nutritional value of beef and the vital role high-quality protein plays in their training. Team member advocates promote beef by wearing their Team BEEF SD jerseys when participating in activities both within and outside our state.   

Katrina Collins, Faith, SD team member, believes in the product and the benefits it provides. “Beef helps me a lot with keeping my energy up, my iron up, and improves my recovery time from races and muscle soreness. It is a high-quality protein powerhouse!”.   

Team BEEF kicked off the month in Deadwood, SD at the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon. This event brought in 2,400 total finishers from 43 different states as well as runners from Canada, Russia, Denmark, and Germany! Among these were dozens of Team Beef S.D members running in red.   

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