Unlimeat from South Korea makes its Debut in the American Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US – San Francisco, CA – South Korean based food manufacturing company Zikooin announced today that they are expanding their latest innovation in food technology, a 100 percent plant-based meat alternative called Unlimeat, in the US market this year.

Unlimeat offers meat like taste and texture, as you would expect from the grill-loving South Koreans, while being an environmentally friendly product to conscientious consumers. By using plants and other ingredients that are usually discarded due to damages and such, the company’s R&D team spent years developing and cultivating a perfect alternative-meat product using sustainable Korean ingredients that includes grains, oats and nuts. The superior taste and texture of Unlimeat has been made possible via the company’s patented innovative technology called protein compression and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

At a recent pop up event in New York City, Unlimeat was first introduced to the general public and the positive response was overwhelming. One of the most distinguishable features of this product is that it is not just limited to ground or sausage patties, but also comes in fillets which makes it more versatile to incorporate in many recipes.

“I want Americans to have a new experience with Asian plant based meat. It’s not just a hamburger patty, it’s a plant diet that you can enjoy with BBQ and Asian cuisine. I want to delight not only vegetarians but also curious gourmets.”, Min Keum Chae, CEO of Zikooin Company.

As an introduction to the west coast market, Unlimeat will be holding a pop-up event in San Francisco, CA on January 19, 2020. At the San Francisco unveiling event, attendees will be able to taste a variety of dishes using Unlimeat as a main ingredient, prepared by prominent San Francisco chefs and Korean Food Curators. A live Korean Barbecue grilling demo will also be taking place.

In addition, Unlimeat will be paired with, among other ingredients, local organic brand Volcano Kimchi, featured by the owner, Aruna Lee. The CEO of Zikooin Company, Ms. Keum Chae Min, will also be on hand to discuss the benefits and uniqueness of this new product in the US market.

The company has been in negotiations with various American groceries and retail stores and will be available in many areas very shortly and will continue to expand throughout the US.

For more information on Unlimeat or to attend the San Francisco pop-up event, please contact Sonia Awan at soniaawanpr@gmail.com or call 747-254-5705.