‘We are Growing Without Compromise,’ D’Artagnan Founder Says of Thriving Gourmet Meat Business

Ariane Daguin set out to become the first purveyor of humanely-raised gourmet game and foie gras in the U.S. in 1985. 

But she said she never expected D’Artagnan to be the $130 million company it is today. 

“The demand was high right away,” Daguin, founder and CEO, said. “So, we didn’t have time to look at the forest when we were (busy) looking at each tree in front of us every day.” 

Though D’Artagnan has experienced more than 100 percent growth over the last five years and has quadrupled sales over the last decade, according to Andy Wertheim, president, Daguin said the company has and will continue to remain true to its mission, even while expanding to its fifth location nationwide, in Denver, this spring. 

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