Zero Mountain, Cloverleaf Announce Merger

Zero Mountain Inc., a Fort Smith-based cold storage warehousing company, announced Monday its plans to merge with Sioux City, Iowa-based Cloverleaf Cold Storage to become the fifth-largest cold storage warehouse platform in the United States.

The merger places a footprint for the companies in all three major U.S. protein production corridors for beef, pork and poultry.

Together, the companies will offer about 140 million cubic feet of capacity in nine states.

Zero Mountain, founded in 1955 by the Rumsey family, ships more than 2.5 billion pounds of food annually and manages more than 38 million cubic feet of total capacity in five cold storage warehouses, with expansions underway both in North Little Rock and Waco, Texas. It employs more than 225 people with facilities also in Fort Smith, Lowell and Russellville.

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