2022 California Fresh Fig Season is Here

MADERA, Calif. — California’s Fresh Fig season is officially underway, according to the California Fresh Fig Growers Association. This year’s first crop, known as the breba crop, delivered the first Mission figs of the season May-June. The main crop, now underway, is delivering plump and delicious varieties, such as Brown Turkeys and Sierras. Additional varieties will continue to become available through November.

In California, there are five primary varieties of fresh figs offering unique flavor notes: 

  • Mission. Purple and black skin with deep earthy flavor.
  • Kadota. Creamy amber skin with a light flavor.
  • Brown Turkey. Light purple to black skin with robust flavor.
  • Sierra. Light-colored skin with a fresh, sweet flavor.
  • Tiger. Light yellow color with unique dark green stripes and a bright red-purple interior fruit with fruity, raspberry, citrus flavor.

“California Fresh Figs this season will be excellent,” says Karla Stockli, Chief Executive Officer of the California Fresh Fig Growers Association. “When you see them, buy them! Each variety is a special treat, and the window to enjoy is short but sweet!”

Consumers agree as demand for California Fresh Figs continues to grow. From increased menu offerings in the restaurant industry to sampling and displays at grocery retailers, a comparable size crop to last year’s 10 million pounds will be harvested in 2022. This is good news following the pandemic and decline in foodservice sales.

“The California fig industry has been strategically focused on digital marketing efforts throughout the pandemic to ensure California Figs stay top of mind among consumers, product developers and chefs,” continues Stockli. “We have invested in beautiful photography and videos, new recipes, toolkits targeting dietitians and manufacturers, digital media partnerships, and more. The results are strong demand for California Figs in 2022.”

To promote this year’s fresh fig season domestically, the industry is partnering with Instacart on a paid promotion and placing a nationally distributed lifestyle TV segment airing August 25 on “Daytime” and September 3 on “The Lifestyle List.” The industry will round out its fresh marketing efforts in 2022 with deliveries to media and nutrition influencers across the country.

Canada is the California Fig industry’s #1 export market, with nearly 50% of the fresh crop crossing over the border annually. Recent marketing efforts have also primarily focused on digital communications with an emphasis on social media advertising. 2022 marketing efforts include an advertorial in LCBO’s popular digital and print publication Food & Drink magazine, recipe development, new photography and graphics, influencer outreach, social media advertising, and a partnership with Taste Toronto, a digital platform for sharing food experiences and recipes.

While California Fresh Figs are available seasonally, California Dried Figs are a year-round staple, offering the same nutrition and taste benefits. Substitute dried figs for fresh in salads, sandwiches, pizzas, sauces, and more, to enjoy California Figs throughout the year.

For recipes and more information, visit CaliforniaFigs.com.

About the California Fig Advisory Board and the California Fresh Fig Growers Association

The California Fig Advisory Board and California Fresh Fig Growers Association promote awareness and the use of California-produced dried and fresh figs domestically and internationally. California fig growers, processors and marketers fund the activities of the industry.