A-Team Superheroes Take Over USApple Social Media

Falls Church, Va. — Faster than a steak of lightening, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…it’s the A-Team and they are taking over USApple’s social media this week.

Follow along @usapples on Instagram and Facebook, from now until April 4, as a new industry superhero saves the planet, one apple at a time.

This week, USApple is celebrating not just the science, technology and business strategy behind the apple industry—but also the people who know how to make it all function seamlessly year after year. We heard from people across the United States who work in different roles throughout the industry—from orchard to export to retail marketing—and then turned them into superhero characters who personify just what makes the apple industry exceptional. 

“USApple thinks of those who work in the industry as superhuman,” said USApple Vice President of Communications Tracy Grondine. “Growing and distributing a supply of fresh apples and apple products that are available year-round, anywhere in the world, is truly incredible.” 

The A-team includes:

  • Mike Boyer as Coreo; Ridgetop Orchards, Fishertown, Pa.
  • Trish Taylor as Airess; Riveridge Produce Marketing, Inc., Sparta, Mich.
  • Michelle Gabb as Halo; Turkey Knob Apples, Timberville, Va.
  • Craig Hinkle as Transcider; Knouse Foods, Peach Glen, Pa. 
  • Kaari Stannard & Tenley Fitzgerald as Spiral & Splash; Yes! Apples, Glenmont, N.Y.
  • Steve Clement as Tempo; Sage Fruit, Yakima, Wash.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the A-Team are using their apple powers to continue moving the apple industry forward. You can read more about the superheroes here, and follow along @usapples now through April 4, to see each one in action.