A Wholesale Grocery Will Deliver Directly to the Public

With coronavirus anxiety rising, your major concern is probably not whether you can get fresh figs or an exotic pink pineapple from Costa Rica, but having eggs, fresh lettuce, pork chops and the like delivered to your door might be.

Baldor Specialty Foods, a wholesale grocer based in the Bronx, will open for retail sales starting today. The company, which distributes products to stores, restaurants and institutions throughout the Northeast, will provide home delivery of more than 6,000 various items within a 50-mile radius of its Bronx warehouse.

There is a $250 minimum for orders; there is no extra delivery charge. (But many of the items on the Baldor website show bulk quantities, like 15 dozen eggs and 11 pounds of asparagus so before ordering it might pay to coordinate with neighbors to share some products.)

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