After Almost 25 Years, It’s Time to Advocate for Consumption

There is so much good stuff to say about organic and conventional produce.  From studies which clearly show the safety of both to decades of research that illustrate the disease prevention aspects of these nutrient dense foods.  Plus farms and farming companies continue to develop innovative, convenient fruit and vegetable products which are helping to increase consumption. 

But while we are making some headway, only one in 10 Americans eat enough produce according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Why?  Because barriers to consumption still exist. One of those barriers is safety fears generated by certain groups who inaccurately disparage the more affordable and accessible forms of produce.

Among the longest and biggest offenders comes from an activist group that annually releases its so-called “dirty dozen” list.  Since 1995, this group’s fear-based ‘marketing against’ tactic disparaging the most popular produce items has been used in an attempt to promote purchasing of organic products.

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