AgroFresh’s Near-Harvest Technology, Harvista, is Now Available for U.S. Blueberry Growers

For years, apple, pear, and cherry growers across the U.S. and globe have appreciated the benefits of near-harvest Harvista™ 1.3 SC technology, which allows growers to secure quality, optimize labor resources, and extend their harvest window, resulting in less fruit loss and increased revenues.

Now, AgroFresh, a leading AgTech company that enhances produce freshness, has announced that United States blueberry growers can benefit from this same Harvista solution.

Growers know an early near-harvest program means more success from the start. When applied to blueberries, Harvista leads to bigger, firmer, better berries, allowing growers to be confident in their blueberry harvest, reducing fruit loss due to bruising and streamlining workflow efficiencies.

“We’re excited to add blueberries to our list of U.S. approved crops for Harvista,” said Darrell Riddle, Harvista Global Business Lead at AgroFresh. “The benefits of firmer blueberries at harvest, the potential of reducing the number of picks, and having less berry weight loss is encouraging news for the rapidly growing and competitive global blueberry industry.”

Five trials of Harvista on four different varieties revealed that berries treated with Harvista saw either an increase in firmness or a more consistent firmness, notably amongst the Blue Crop varietal, known for its lower levels of firmness.

The Harvista technology offers easy self-application, and growers can use their existing sprayers. Simply spray Harvista up to three days before the intended pick date for optimum results.

For more information, visit the Harvista web page or contact your local AgroFresh representative.