All-Yellow Flesh Potatoes Continue Upward Trend in Volume Sales, Profits

All-yellow flesh potatoes continue to rise above russets, reds and whites in the critical metric of retailer volume sales, an encouraging sign for grocers as growers ready for their upcoming fall harvests.

In the last 52 weeks ending June 13, 2021, retailer volume sales of all-yellow flesh potatoes are up 9.56%, far outpacing reds (up 0.82%), russets (down 3.91%) and whites (down 8.42%) according to the research firm IRI.

Over a broader timespan, 2021 retailer profits from all-yellow flesh varieties to date represent 11.3% of the potato category, up from 8.8% in 2017.

“There continues to be huge growth potential with the all-yellow flesh varieties, particularly among younger, more health-conscious millennial shoppers looking for a flavorful potato side dish,” says Andreas Trettin, director marketing for MountainKing.

Trettin adds MountainKing has witnessed similar growth trends with its popular all-yellow flesh varieties packaged as Butter Russets, presenting the look of a traditional russet; Butter Golds with their yellow and smooth skin; and its oval-shaped Butter Reds.

All three varietals, he explains, offer a creamy, smooth texture and a rich, natural buttery flavor requiring fewer ingredients and toppings.

“The feedback from consumers, across the board, is that the all-yellow flesh varieties offer a better taste when compared to regular russets and reds,” Trettin says. “What we’re seeing is really an evolution in cooking styles with the routine and conventional giving way to creativity and adventure.”

MountainKing Butter Russets are available in 5# bags and, for the first time, in four-pack trays and 10# poly bags. Both the 5# and new 10# bags are packaged with Kwik Lok recipe tags featuring Butter Russet recipes designed to bring out the best of the variety’s flavor and texture. The company’s Butter Reds are fresh-packed in 3#, 5# and 10# poly bags while its Butter Golds are packaged in 5#, 10# and 15# poly bags.

To learn more about MountainKing’s all-yellow flesh varietals, call (713) 923-5807 or visit MountainKing Potatoes is one of the world’s largest growers of high-flavor potato varieties.