Although Impact Is Diminished, “Dirty Dozen” List Must Still Be Abandoned

While the “dirty dozen” list impact has significantly diminished as more reporters and media outlets recognize it lacks scientific credibility and negatively impacts produce consumption, for the benefit of consumers, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) must discontinue releasing this list.

In 2020, media coverage of the list reached an all time low.  In 2021, coverage was up over 2020 levels, however, few prominent outlets covered the list, broadcast coverage was negligible and the majority of articles were either balanced or carried the science based and peer reviewed content from  On social media, the results were quite similar with many in the nutrition community sharing Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) content among consumers to reassure them about produce safety as well as urge them to ignore this list.

But, while we are having significant success, we shouldn’t have to battle this annual misinformation campaign at all. Nor should farmers have their healthy and safe products referred to as “dirty.” Most importantly, no consumer should have to question their produce choices when shopping for themselves and their families.

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