An Update Regarding the FPFC and United Fresh EXPO

The Fresh Produce & Floral Council is disappointed to announce the cancellation of the combined convention & expo set for June 24-26. The Fresh Produce & Floral Council and United Fresh Produce Association had hoped to team up for the 2021 Expo in Los Angeles this year. Unfortunately, the state guidelines are limited on conventions and expos of our size and without the commitment of the LA Convention Center and Los Angeles County, we cannot move forward in good faith.

We understand the gravity of the situation for all members who utilize the FPFC EXPO to grow their business, contacts, and advertise new products. All exhibitors will receive a 100% refund from United Fresh. 

The FPFC’s Executive Director, Don Gann stated “We are very disappointed that we are not able to hold this year’s 2021 EXPO. Thank you to the United Fresh staff and all the FPFC members that were involved in the planning of this event. Although we are unable to have this year’s Expo we are planning an exciting 2021 calendar for the rest of the year.”  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Fresh Produce & Floral Council at (714) 739-0177 or