Apeel Sciences Welcomes Industry Veteran David Nelley as VP of Domestic Buyer Relations

Signaling the industry’s growing appetite for sustainable innovations, David Nelley joins Apeel Sciences as VP of Domestic Buyer Relations. 

David is the latest industry veteran to step aboard a company continuing to foster its reputation as the most impactful food waste solution across the supply chain. 

Successful pilots with Apeel-treated avocados at U.S. retailers have resulted in a 50% or more reduction in avocado food waste on average, and some partners have experienced as much as a 65 percentage-point margin increase and a 10% increase in sales in the avocado category due to Apeel, despite inflation or other fluctuations.

David dedicated the first 30 years of his career to moving premium produce around the world, always looking for ways to make the process more sustainable by reducing waste, improving packouts and creating efficiencies. He now joins Apeel in his next chapter to drive global growth, establish new relationships with buyers, all while simultaneously saving produce from landfills and helping the planet. 

With David onboard, Apeel is well poised to continue leading the industry in sustainably moving food around the world and with better economics for everyone in the chain. 

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David Nelley Highlights: 

David’s deep understanding of the produce landscape makes him an expert trusted by retailers and growers, and he’s well known for establishing brands in North American retail.

During his tenure at Oppy, David played a pivotal role in developing the premium apple segment in North America. Through his leadership and contributions, apples like Braeburn, Pacific Rose, JAZZ and Envy have become household names. 

David has also built lasting relationships and partnerships with growers in Chile, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and other growing markets around the world. Also having lived in Singapore, Seattle, New Zealand, David truly brings a global perspective to Apeel.

Raised on a farm in New Zealand, David always had a passion for agriculture that fueled his professional career in produce, beginning in 1993 at the New Zealand Apple and Pear Marketing Board. After opening sales offices in Seattle and Singapore, David joined the Oppenheimer team in 2001 where he rose to VP of Categories and Global Exports. 

David holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in international management and marketing from Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand, and has completed Food Marketing and Agribusiness courses at Portland State and Harvard universities.