Avocados From Mexico takes over Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square

MONTREAL – For a third year in a row, Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is back in full swing with its “Anytime Is Avotime” ad campaign. In this 4-week fall segment, the highlight was to take Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square by storm for one intensive day, on November 6.

Going big to appeal to our Avolovers

While the activation was set to display Avocados From Mexico colourful, eye-catching and bold creatives visual for a month on the jumbotron towering the square, the headline event was designed with a core objective in mind: to engage with the public and catch people’s eyes … and their ears with a key brand asset, the jingle! 

Mission accomplished on that front. Passersby all over the public square could be heard humming the iconic “Avocados From Mexico” jingle along with a choir. Performing for the first time since the pandemic, Newschoir repeatedly sang the jingle to attract people towards the kiosk and the two fortune wheels. With the same goal, ambassadors on roller skates were crisscrossing the square, with flags flying from their backs. The jingle could be heard each time participants were lucky enough to win branded goodies when spinning one of the wheels. At the heart of it all, a kiosk conveying the appeal of Avocados From Mexico displayed a slew of promotional items including the popular Avosavers. Winners could also learn more about the fruits’ versatility and how to take advantage of avocados from Mexico’s nutritional benefits. This activation was in sync with a series of three colourful creatives, broadcast 24/7 in a loop, on five of the giant screens of the Yonge-Dundas Square, at the heart of the Canadian metropolis. In short: a day filled with witty, playful, bold and colourful energy all around.

“It was an event that matched the fruit and trademark signature, both bold and lighthearted, a seal of quality and authenticity. Our goal is to remind people that avocados from Mexico are so versatile and available all year round, enhancing each of their Avomoments.” said Fanny Severy, Senior Account Manager at Sopexa Canada, in charge of the campaign.

On top of this one-day stunt, Avocados From Mexico marketing push is being amplified nationally during this first phase of the annual campaign. Digital centred, the campaign features even more Avomoments through a digital media plan leveraging on the programmatic technology as well as reaching out to Avolovers through social media platforms. The brand also went the extra mile with shopper marketing initiatives, displaying colourful bins in hundreds of stores across Canada, running promotions with major retailers as well as launching a new collaboration with Cornershop by Uber.

The takeover at Yonge-Dundas Square is not over yet. There’s still time to stop by and check out the visual campaign that is on display on the square’s giant screens for a few more days, until November 14. Avolovers will also be able to pick up their copy of Foodism magazine, which has been completely plastered from cover to cover by Avocados From Mexico for the latest edition, in circulation since October 5.

Anytime Is Avotime, literally.

Needless to say, the polyvalence of this fruit is still unmatched. Avocados can be eaten at any time: for breakfast, lunch or dinner—or even as a midnight snack. It can be served in any form: sliced, diced, mashed, in a sauce, in a paste or in smoothies. And whether the recipe is hot or cold, avocados can be enjoyed sweet, salty or spicy. Talk about versatility!

“Avocados From Mexico are widely available on grocery store shelves in Canada, with nearly 95% of the market share. We want that to translate into the kitchens and daily habits of Canadians as well. In other words, turning every chance to enjoy our avocados into Avomoments, and every consumer into Avolovers,” added Miguel Barcenas, strategy and marketing consultant for APEAM.

Click to hear the famous jingle “Avocados From Mexico” and get a sneak peek of the interactive visual


Avocados From Mexico exemplifies the positivity and dynamism attributed to avocados. Throughout the growing, packing and distribution processes, the brand stays loyal to its goal of offering good food that will be happily enjoyed in good company. Mexicanity is the emotion and energy associated with making guacamole and other delicious recipes. It’s also the parties and special occasions that bring family and friends together in the spirit of celebration, sharing and joy.