Awe Sum Organics Launches Fair Trade USA Certified Organic Avocados Year-Round

Awe Sum Organics is excited to offer Organic and Fair Trade certified Organic Avocados from Colombia and Mexico year-round packed in the Awe Sum Organics label.  “All of our Organic Avocado growers and pack houses in Colombia are certified by Fair Trade USA certified, and our Organic Avocado growers and pack houses in Michoacan, Mexico plan to achieve Fair Trade Certification through Fair Trade USA in the coming months. This is in-line with our commitment to provide organically grown fruit that is grown utilizing environmentally sustainable methods, and that is

harvested, packed, and traded in a manner that always observes and creates social responsibility.” said David Posner, President, CEO and Founder of Awe Sum Organics.  “One hundred percent of our Avocados are organically grown and will be Fair Trade certified, enabling us to promote year-round with organic, ethically sourced fruit in our label that is clearly differentiated as organic only. We carefully monitor the dry matter levels of our Avocados and only harvest and pack when the dry matter levels are perfect to ensure optimum flavor and eating quality.”       

Our Colombian grower is the leader in Organic Hass Avocado production in Colombia and has orchards at various altitudes as well as a centrally located pack-house ensuring year-round supply!  

 The climate and temperature range and the 6000 feet average altitude of the Urrao Province in the Antioquia region of Colombia where our Colombian Organic Avocados are grown is ideal for growing high quality organic Avocados. The year-round rainfall of this area provides 100% of the irrigation required, naturally and sustainably. Transport time from Colombia to the US is very short ensuring always freshly harvested Avocados on arrival.  

Our Organic Avocados from Mexico are grown near Urapan in the State of Michoacan by some of the best and longest standing Organic Avocado growers in Mexico, some of whom have been growing Avocados organically for over 30 years. The Uruapan area in Michoacan is well known for high quality avocados. Our dual regions of Mexico and Colombia will ensure a robust supply 52 weeks per year of high quality Organic and Fair Trade certified Organic Avocados that are harvested to our strict dry matter standards.  Awe Sum Organic Hass Avocados will be shipping from the following three key locations in the US: Kennett Square, PA, Riverside, CA and McAllen, TX.