Awe Sum Organics Welcomes Argentinian Pear Season

Awe Sum Organics’ Argentinian pear season got underway last week as the first of their organic Bartletts for this year arrived on both coasts. 

“Our organic pears are grown in the Rio Negro Valley of Argentina, which is well known for producing some of the finest and best tasting pears in the world. The region naturally has a unique and perfect climate and soil for pear production”, said David Posner, Awe Sum’s President. 

PAI supplies Awe Sum Organics with all their organically grown pears.  PAI has been growing pears organically in the region for over 20 years. In addition to organic certification, a significant percentage of their fruit is grown using biodynamic methods. Also, PAI’s organic pear production is Fair Trade certified, meeting the rigorous standards of Fair Trade USA.  This means that the workers in the orchards and pack houses are guaranteed fair wages and safe working conditions, while their local communities benefit from the sales of PAI’s Fair Trade Certified pears.  

“The growing conditions climatically have been excellent this season with near perfect temperatures for our pears. Hail is common in the region and this season we were lucky as there was less than normal,” said David Posner. 

Awe Sum Organics are expecting good volumes and each variety is on track to follow the planned packing and shipping programs. 

Their Bartlett will run through mid-April, complimented with the addition of Red Bartlett in early March and continue through the end of April. Abate Fetel will reach both coasts in mid-March and run through mid to late May. D’Anjou will also arrive starting in mid-March and will continue into July. Awe Sum’s Autumn Bartlett will arrive starting in mid-April to transition nicely from their regular Bartlett and run through July, with Bosc running mid-April to mid-June.  Contact Awe Sum Organics at or call +1.831.462.2244