Awe Sum Organics’ Winter Organic Table Grapes will Arrive Soon

Awe Sum Organics, the largest importer of Organic Table Grapes from the Southern Hemisphere has begun the 10th season of their Organic Peruvian Winter Table Grape Program. 

Awe Sum Organics helps to fill the winter organic fruit void with high-quality organic table grapes from early December, when the California grape season is finishing up, well into April. Loading on both coasts during the winter months, Awe Sum Organics’ Peruvian Table Grapes offer our customers a full and reliable supply.

 Awe Sum Organics begins the winter organic grape season with grapes from Northern Peru and finishes the season with our Southern Peruvian organic grape production. “Our growers’ Organic Table Grape vineyards in Northern and Southern Peru combine to provide a good supply all winter long of red and green seedless grapes and now we have a top quality South African Organic Table Grape grower helping us to fill the transition period between our Northern Peru and our Southern Peru harvests.” said David Posner, Founder, President, and CEO of Awe Sum Organics.  

Awe Sum’s Peruvian Organic Grape program is by far the largest and most advanced in Peru. “Our crisp and sweet flavor speaks volumes. Awe Sum Organics started this project to grow grapes organically in Peru over 15 years ago. Our Organic Peruvian red and green seedless grapes have been in development since early 2007 when I dreamed of creating an Organic Table Grape Program for US and Canada for the winter months to be available starting when California finishes and until Sonora Mexico begins to compliment the domestic grape season. There are many challenges to growing table grapes organically in Peru for shipment to the US and Canada, and we have worked through all of them over the years.” said Posner.

Since 1985, Awe Sum Organics has been a leader in the organic movement. “Throughout our growth, we have remained dedicated to the principles on which Awe Sum Organics was founded. In addition to outstanding taste and quality, our fruit embodies core ethics which we will never compromise. We believe in doing what is right for humankind, and the environment as a whole,” David stated.

For more information, or to order your Awe Sum Organics grapes, please contact or call 831-462-2244. 

Please contact us if you are interested in building a reliable and secure program of high quality fresh and Awe Sum new crop Organic Table Grapes for the winter months.