Baja Son Growers Summer Asparagus Harvest Underway

SALINAS, CA – Baja Son Growers began harvesting their asparagus crops on May 1st out of Central Mexico. While supplies are picking up they’re encouraging customers to take advantage of various ad opportunities through the month of June. 

“With increased acreage out of Central Mexico, we will be able to handle more ad opportunities than we have in previous seasons,” says Robert Leonard, Director or Sales, Baja Son Growers.

Their current volume, along with new plantings in Baja and Caborca, will now give the Salinas-based grower-shipper approximately 2 million boxes of fresh asparagus each year. Baja Son Growers also grows and packs 2 million cases of conventional green onions and now 250,000 cases of organic green onions each year. They continue to grow and invest in new equipment and technology to give their customers fresh, healthy produce.  

“We are expanding our production volume in both green onions and asparagus. We plan on increasing our green onion volume by 5-8% per year for the next 5 years. Additionally, we plan on expanding our asparagus volume by 10-15% annually for the next 5 years,” says Robert Leonard, Director of Sales, Baja Son Growers. 

At the beginning of 2020 Baja Son Growers introduced a new website. It better tells their story and gives their customers more information about the company. The new website features product details and farming information in hopes to better connect with, and educate, their customers and the end-consumer.  

For more information, and to check out the new website, please visit


About Baja Son Growers

Baja Son Growers is a vertically integrated grower-shipper for the acreage they sell. With full control over the supply chain, they can consistently provide superior quality product. Their augmented food safety and certification adherence adds confidence to every purchase. At Baja Son, the Growers have generational experience. It is that experience that allows them to provide such an exceptional and consistent product.