Baloian Farms Completes Solar Power Installation

Baloian Farms has completed the installation of a 1,098 kw DC PV solar system comprised of 3,360 panels at their headquarters in Fresno, California. The grower, packer, and shipper of bell peppers and other fresh produce has been in the industry for 99 years, and believes that sustainable farming practices and energy conservation is integral to their success in the future.

The new solar system is expected to produce 1,854,415 kWh in the first year. By the end of the year, solar power production will account for approximately 63% of Baloian Farm’s energy use at the Fresno, California facility. CEO Tim Baloian says, “It is the execution of forward thinking projects like these, in combination with the hard working people from the field to the office that have allowed us to thrive as a company for almost 100 years.”

Baloian Farms is a fourth generation, vertically integrated family farm, with year round operations specializing in peppers and mixed vegetables grown in California and Mexico. Baloian Farms has a company philosophy that includes pampering the product and respecting the customer.

Source: Baloian Farms