Bard Valley’s New Study Reveals Date Category Growth of $6.0M in Incremental Sales

YUMA, AZ – The date category grew in 2020 translating $6.0 million in incremental sales reaching $114.7 million dollars according to a recent baseline and distribution study developed for Bard Valley Date Growers (BVDG). Bard Valley Natural Delights’ brand stands alone with a dominant share of date category sales (42% of volume and 44% of dollars).

“We wanted to have a deeper understating of sales trends driving the growth of the date category,” explains Neil Merritt, director of North American sales at BVDG. “The breadth of information from this baseline study is critical as we help retailers develop promotions to drive sales. We can utilize the findings to plan and drive successful seasonality programs and create material to help retailers capture additional sales.”

Natural Delights Medjool dates drove more than a third of the category volume growth at 34 percent. Additionally, velocity for the brand increased 5.4 percent, generating turns 400 percent greater than the next leading brand. Natural Delights is driving incremental sales at retailers who carry the brand.

Bard Valley has achieved their growth in the category through a number of unique merchandisers and package sizes available to help retailers build sales. “With the Ramadan holiday beginning April 12th, it is important for retailers to know the 2 lb. package drove category volume growth during the second quarter, which coincides with the Ramadan holiday,” explains Merritt. The study indicated that the 2 lb. package was up +18 percent vs. the prior year driving 56 percent of category volume growth and a volume spike during Q2.

“Retailers can realize double digit unit and dollar increases with our mini pallet and half pallet for the 2 lb. package,” states Merritt.  “Visibility is key to merchandising and cross merchandising in other departments can attract new customers and help drive incremental sales. April 1st is the ideal time to start merchandising Medjool dates to maximize sales for the Ramadan holiday. This is an ideal time to start to promote dates with displays and merchandisers in high traffic areas.”


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Retailers can contact Neil Merritt for sales and promotional information. He can be reached at (949) 226-9971 or

Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers’ (BVDG) recent baseline and distribution study indicates that the 2 lb. packaging accounts for 32 percent of the volume. A variety of merchandisers are available to feature the 2 lb. pack (2 lb. half pallet shown here). The volume spikes for the 2 lb. package size in Q2, which coincides with the Ramadan holiday, known for the Muslim tradition of breaking the fast by eating Medjool dates. Bard Valley Natural Delights Medjool Dates are the best-selling brand at retail based on data from the study.    

Source: IRI/FUSION 2020 /Current Year: 52 weeks ending 09/27/2020 / Prior Year: 52 weeks ending 9/29/2019


Natural Delights Medjool Dates, the leading Medjool date brand in the country, is a naturally sweet, whole fresh fruit grown in the Bard Valley at the intersection of Arizona, California and Mexico where its very specific set of growing conditions are met. Water conservation, sustainable energy and connection with their community are the pillars of their organization. The Bard Valley Date Growers lead the industry in farming and best harvest practices. Every farm is subject to the same stringent certification process to ensure that every Natural Delights Medjool Date is grown to exacting standards. For more information on Bard Valley Natural Delights, please visit