Bay Baby Produce Donates Regionally & Nationally

At Bay Baby Produce, inc. we are grateful to be able to continue to serve community non-profit organizations locally, regionally & nationally through our annual food waste campaign.  While approximately 10% of food waste ends up in landfills; our team strives to partner with organizations to reduce food waste and feed Americans.

Bay Baby Produce, Inc. provides non-profits quality, heart healthy conventional and organic pumpkins and organic hard winter squash.  To date, we’ve donated approximately 214 tons of fresh produce from our farm and have managed to reduce and divert food from landfills.

Our company partners with retailers and nonprofits through reduction of food waste efforts; in turn, nourishing Americans and leads by example to take action in fighting hunger throughout the US.

About Bay Baby Produce Inc. Bay Baby Produce, a woman-owned business for over 30 years, is located in the Skagit Valley, Burlington,WA. This area is one of the most fertile growing regions in North America.  Our mission is to be a consistently reliable source for high quality painted pumpkins, long stem ornamentals, organic squash and value-added products grown on our farm.  This new expansion will allow Bay Baby Produce to continue to grow well into the future.