BDA/Dorot Farm Carrots – Starting the Export Season to the Europe and North American Region

BDA/Dorot Farm, the number one grower group of fresh and sweet carrots from Israel, is starting the new export season to the Europe and North American region.

Dorot Farm supplies fresh jumbo carrots to the markets, foodservice industry and ‘fresh and cut’ companies as well as, cello carrots in 1lb, 2lb, 3lb and 5lb bags and Organic Carrots to the major retail chains in the Northeast and Canada.

“The new crop from Dorot Farm looks good, and I’m very happy with the field’s conditions.” says Ami Ben-Dror, CEO of BDA/Dorot Farm. “We will be ready to deliver our new crop to all of our loyal customers around the world” adds Ben-Dror. He also added that “It looks like we have high demand for carrots in the market this year.”

BDA/Dorot Farm Number 1 Grower Group, is the number 1 exporter of fresh and sweet carrots around the world, exporting to North America, Europe, and Africa. Our jumbo carrots, Cello and Orgarnic carrots are delivered fresh direct from our farm to the customers.

For more information about Dorot Farm fresh and sweet carrots, please visit or BDA/Dorot Farm headquarter is located in New York. For additional information please call us at 516-882-2018.