Bee Sweet Citrus Launches New Digital Campaign to Promote the Power of Immunity Boosting Citrus Fruits

FOWLER, Calif., – As consumers around the nation continue to invest in their health, Bee Sweet Citrus has launched a month-long campaign that’s designed to showcase the positive correlation between vitamin C and citrus fruits. 

You, Me and Vitamin C is a strategic campaign that’s tailored to the everyday consumer,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “Our goal is to equip our audience with the knowledge they need to make healthy food choices, as well as promote the benefits of incorporating citrus fruits into their diet.” 

Throughout the month of July, Bee Sweet’s marketing team will tailor its social media content to promoting the benefits of vitamin C, as well as the different ways consumers can supplement their immune system with citrus fruits. As the company steams forward with its summer citrus program, Bee Sweet’s digital platforms will be supplemented with variety-specific recipes, infographics and company-sponsored contests. One of Bee Sweet’s long-time industry partners has also teamed up with the company to add another engaging component to the campaign. 

“Right now, boosting immunity is top of mind for the thousands of families who engage with Produce for Kids daily,” stated Produce for Kids Managing Director Amanda Keefer. “We are excited to be part of the Bee Sweet You, Me & Vitamin C initiative delivering recipes, tips and ideas through our Twitter Party and beyond.”

On July 9, Bee Sweet Citrus and Produce for Kids will be hosting a Twitter Party, or a live Q&A chat, with Twitter users across the nation. While families continue to adapt to changes implemented by COVID-19, the two organizations will be sharing healthy recipes for families to make together, engage in dialogue focused on citrus handling and storage tips, and discuss the role that citrus can play in strengthening one’s immunity.

“When our marketing team initially spoke about the elements of this campaign, we knew that we wanted it to have something for everyone,” continued Bienvenue. “Whether you’re a parent looking for fun and creative ways to pass the time, or you’re a foodie interested in learning what makes citrus so special – we’ve designed this campaign with everyone in mind.” 

To see Bee Sweet’s campaign in action, be sure to follow the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. The campaign will end on Friday, July 31st and consumers are encouraged to use the hashtag #YouMeAndVitaminC to share the ways they utilize citrus in their homes.


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