Berries Paradise and Agrovision Form Berry Marketing Partnership to Serve North America

Los Angeles, California:  Berries Paradise and Agrovision have announced the formation of a berry marketing partnership to serve North America. This Joint Venture creates a year-round, vertically integrated selection of conventional and organic blueberries, raspberries and blackberries with the mission to provide customers the most delicious berry eating experience. The new venture provides retail customers with a one-stop shop of high quality, innovative and flavorful berries, at scale. The combined current planted acreage is 10,000 acres, yielding 120 million pounds across all three berries from Peru and Mexico.  

Steve Magami, Chairman of Agrovision, commented: “We are delighted to announce this new venture with Berries Paradise – people I’ve known and admired for years.  Agrovision has spent the last few years building the Fruitist blueberry brand through our direct-to-retail, fully integrated sales and service platform in North America.  This new partnership takes that initiative to the next level, forging continuity and availability in our premium varieties and a full three berry proposition in one new sales platform.”

Berries Paradise Chairman, Francisco Ortiz, also commented: “The companies have complementary production windows and a shared dedication to growing and delivering exceptional fresh berries. Together we will be positioned to better serve the farms, the industry, the customers, and consumers, with the commitment of delivering our best in every berry we offer.” 

The partners produce premium berries from unique varieties utilizing sustainable farming practices, precision agricultural techniques, and thoughtful resource management. The complete supply chain control maximizes speed to market and ensures freshness across all berries differentiating and elevating the customer’s berry category performance. 

Both Agrovision and Berries Paradise are committed to responsible corporate governance.  For each partner, agriculture is a means of positive transformation of the living standards for the individuals and communities in which they operate.   

About Agrovision

Agrovision is a leading, vertically integrated producer and supplier of superfruits and vegetables.  The Company operates farming, supply chain and marketing activities in the three leading consumer markets:  Asia, North America, and Europe.  Agrovision is a mission-driven business, seeking to transform lives while promoting sustainability.  The Company has also been recognized for its commitment to the environment, receiving one of the highest distinctions for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity.  To learn more:

About Berries Paradise

Berries Paradise is a Mexican company, born from the complimentary vision of two partner-growers, both pioneers and leaders within the berry industry. In only fourteen years, Berries Paradise has achieved extraordinary success, expertise and efficiency in the production and distribution of both conventional and organic Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries. The company has developed strategic alliances with global breeders to cultivate selections of premium berries that satisfy customers in over twenty countries worldwide.  To learn more: