Bobalu Berries for the Holidays

Bobalu, LLC is seeing better days ahead as the year of 2020 ends with all the uncertainty it has created.  For this berry company, a sign of better days is right outside the ranch office window looking at healthy green plants sprinkled with red berries as their 2021 crop is already here. 

Fresh Bobalu strawberries are already being harvested, and on their way to stores this week just in time for the holidays and will hopefully bring a little holiday joy to consumers serving as a sign of spring and new hope for the future. 

This timing is typical for Bobalu strawberries in Oxnard, CA with the harvest beginning around Christmas timing, but this year it has a stronger impact as company owners look forward and reflect on what a year it has been.  2020 will mark the year where employers across the country became responsible for their employee’s health in addition to their safety and welfare on the job.   

“We are so thankful for the support of our customers, and more importantly, our employees this year that worked side by side with us through incredible challenges”, says Bobby Jones, managing partner.  The extra measures we took to ensure health and safety of our staff will continue as these practices we took during the Pandemic will become long term policies for employee safety in the field and in our offices. 

“We all look at these fresh new berries ripening in our fields here in Oxnard, and soon to be in Santa Maria as new life accompanied by new hope for a 2021 season that we can all celebrate”, adds RC Jones, managing partner.  The company expects weekly volume to continue to increase in Oxnard, CA along with fruit coming in from Mexico as the days get longer and weather warms in these southern regions. 

Bobalu, LLC has significant acreage in Oxnard, CA with both Fronteras and San Andreas varieties providing early and desirable fruit this Winter well into Spring supported by Santa Maria production that will come into play before the first day of Spring.