Bobalu Berries Shares Family Recipes, Building Brand Demand with Shoppers

(Oxnard, CA) Bobalu Berry Farms has just launched a series of exclusive recipes as they begin to build a consumer network of brand loyal shoppers.  The company specifically developed video content to accompany each of the recipes along with insider family tips on storage and handling. 

The Jones family behind the Bobalu brand label is sharing some of their family recipes and ways consumers can prepare, freeze, learn easy usage ideas, tips, tricks, and hacks to using their brand of fresh strawberries every day.  The consistent messaging throughout the video series is focused on using every berry.  The family is focused on ensuring they provide complete solutions for consumers to enjoy their berries today, next week or next month ensuring every berry in every clamshell is enjoyed. 

This new initiative is part of the Bobalu, LLC long term strategy to build their brand loyalty and long-term partnerships which began with trading partners telling the story of this third-generation strawberry farming family.  This next step forward connects the family with consumers as they provide easy solutions in the kitchen along with the consistent flavor and quality that comes with every Bobalu brand clamshell of strawberries.  

“In very short time we have made direct connections with consumers selecting our berries, some for the first time, in their local store.  They are excited with the flavor and quality they are experiencing with every berry in each clamshell, to the point of sending us messages thanking us and asking where they can continue to find our berries.  The feedback we are receiving is very inspiring as we continue to stay focused on putting the best berries in every container for every consumer choosing our brand” says Cindy Jewell, marketing for Bobalu, LLC. 

Now the company can provide further resources for these engaged consumers by sharing recipes and a video collection with highlights from the Bobalu kitchen.  Some of the content includes hacks on how to elevate existing recipes or pantry items along with important content on storage, freezing and sustainability. 

“Freezing berries has always been suggested as an option when talking to consumers about using every berry, but we took this a step further and shared Jones family tips on how to freeze and then how to use frozen berries beyond the basic smoothie we all have mastered at home” adds Jewell. 

The new content can be found on the new section of the website here  bobaluberries recipes and more which includes each video, recipes that can be downloaded, and a way to join the company mailing list for future tips on how to enjoy Bobalu berries, learn about their crop seasonality, and family philanthropic work in the community.   

This new website section will be expanded as the company builds on their influencer partnerships and third-party recipe content.  Bobalu, LLC is already partnering with an influencer that continues to bring weekly content and recipe solutions to the company social media followers and her own audience. 

The website also features trade resources and an opportunity for trading partners to opt into a mailing list to receive the weekly 10 o’clock Walk e-news crop report.