Bobalu Berries Signs Contract with SCJewell, Inc.

Oxnard, CA – Bobby and RC Jones, partners in Bobalu Berries have just rounded out their sales and marketing program by signing a contract with the new marketing firm established by Cindy Jewell.  As the company’s California berry volume is taking off for Spring promotions, so is the new marketing focus for the brand by bringing on this new company.

Bobalu Berries is already in good hands with industry veteran, Anthony Gallino, VP of Sales, at the helm building the sales program for the 2020 berry crop.  However, by adding Cindy Jewell through her new marketing company, they are also building a strong future for the brand to match growth planned in customer base, acreage and product mix.

This sales and marketing team has achieved some notable success in the produce industry, and they are both extremely excited to be working together again with Bobalu, taking the brand to the next level and working with a true farming family.

“Having the opportunity to work with Bobby and RC Jones is such an honor.  This is a family that has deep roots and history in farming, incredible integrity and love for what they do every day together as a team” says Cindy Jewell, SCJewell, Inc.  “I have already spent time with the company and have a long list of ideas and plans to help grow their brand and tell their story to both customers and the consumer.  I am also really excited to be working with Anthony again”, she adds.

“We are on a strong path to walk in our grandfather’s footsteps taking Bobalu back to how he started the company back in 1958.  He actually created the Bobalu brand in 1962 and we want to take the company back to how he started it”, says Bobby Jones.  “This new team with Anthony and contract with Cindy is going to help us become the year-round grower shipper of all berries, which our grandfather started.  We are hoping he is looking down and proud of us” adds Jones.

Bobalu has been harvesting fresh strawberries all year from Oxnard, CA and from central Mexico.  The Santa Maria season will be ready for the Easter volume pull and is expected to carry the company all the way into winter due to ideal field locations in that region.

“We are really excited about the multiple locations we are farming in the Santa Maria district and will be telling a bigger story about that region as production gets underway”, says RC Jones.  “We are benefitting from several micro-climates here with fields by the beach in San Luis Obispo County, and some slightly inland.  The Santa Maria / San Luis Obispo regions will provide us the unique opportunity to start early and harvest all the way into winter due to mild weather.  Its very similar to growing along the coast in Salinas/Watsonville” he adds.

With the new team complete and the spring berry season underway, the company is setting its sights on the future with a Strategic Planning meeting this month and much more to come.