Bobalu Offers Year-Round California Grown Strawberries

The Jones Family rang in 2022 celebrating 60 years of Bobalu Berry Farms and toasting its founders, Bob and Lupe Jones. Established in Oxnard, California in 1962, Bobalu is more than a blending of Bob and Lupe’s names; it’s an expression of their love and commitment to berry farming. And it’s a tradition that brothers and managing partners Bobby and RC Jones are proudly continuing into 2022 with expanded acreage, a focus on foodservice, a refreshed website, and more surprises in store. 

365 days of California strawberries

The new year is the start of California strawberries all year round. “We are very pleased that for the first time we will have fresh berries all 365 days of 2022 from California,” said Bobby Jones, Bobalu’s managing partner.  Typically, between the end of the fall Santa Maria crop and the start of Oxnard’s spring crop, Bobalu has brought in fresh berries from Mexico to get through the winter. This year, in honor of its 60th anniversary, the company has expanded its acreage, and added a fall Oxnard crop. Combined with Santa Maria’s fall program, that means Bobalu will be able to offer fresh California fruit well into 2023. Together, with the usual supply from Mexico, there will be plenty of berries for the holiday season. 

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