Brooks Tropicals’ Dragon Fruit Meeting Increased Demand

Homestead, Fla. — Working with local South Florida growers, Brooks Tropicals is now offering dragon fruit, popular with Asian and Latino consumers as well as with the health conscious.

A wild-looking fruit, dragon fruit is refreshingly sweet, packing a bit of a crunch. Its taste is a cross between a kiwi and a pear. Its bright red skin with leathery, greenish-yellow shoots gives way to a creamy white inside dotted with edible black seeds.

Low in calories, dragon fruit is rich in protein, iron and fiber. It also contains phytoalbumin antioxidants.

Weighing in between one-half pound to two pounds, it's almost all fruit. The red peel, which looks like armor, is only about 1/8" thick. Just slice it in half and scoop out the gel-like flesh to enjoy the fruit. Both flesh and seeds can be eaten.

An eye-catching fruit for your tropical produce aisle, dragon fruit is not ethylene-sensitive and has a shelf life of ten days or more.

Dragon fruit is available in twenty-pound boxes in your choice of small, medium, large and jumbo fruit, with case count varying between 15 and 40. Do not mist.

The season in Florida runs from June through December. Dragon fruit is available FOB Homestead or delivered to your facility with your Brooks Tropicals' order.

Fact sheet and recipes are available upon request. |

Source: Brooks Tropicals