B&W Quality Growers Now Kosher Certified

Fellsmere, Fla. – B&W Quality Growers, the world’s largest grower of distinctive baby leaves, has announced its Kosher Certified status. The company’s value-added watercress, arugula, red kale, spinach and Power 4™ offerings have been certified Kosher by Florida Kosher Services. 

With nearly 150 years of experience growing highly perishable and prized baby leaves, B&W now applies Kosher standards to the produce the company grows, packs, ships and markets to retail, wholesale, foodservice and specialty customers throughout North America and Europe.  

“Becoming Kosher Certified shows the dedication that B&W has to meeting the demands of consumers that eat Kosher diets for moral and health reasons,” says Bob Massave, Executive Vice President for B&W Quality Growers. “It’s important that we listen to our customers and take pride in following a specific and dedicated process when it comes to the production of our leafy greens.”

An inspection of all B&W product ingredients, the production facility and the actual production process approved by a rabbinic organization ensures all ingredients, byproducts, tools and machinery have no evidence of non-kosher substances. 

Look for the Kosher stamp of approval on B&W products beginning in July.

For information about B&W Quality Growers, visit www.bwqualitygrowers.com

About B&W Quality Growers

For nearly 150 years B&W Quality Growers has produced distinctive baby leaves® with unique flavor profiles including green watercress, exclusive red watercress, baby arugula, red kale and baby spinach. With year-round availability from seasonal farms spanning eight states, B&W grows, packs and ships premium quality leaves to retail, wholesale, foodservice and specialty customers across North America and Europe.  B&W’s products are certified Kosher, food safety compliant and naturally packed for maximum freshness. Learn more about B&W at www.bwqualitygrowers.com.