California Kiwifruit Commission Launches Kiwi Tweet

In an effort to keep the trade, media, consumers and all kiwifruit fans up-to-date about the latest on all things kiwifruit, the California Kiwifruit Commission is launching Twitter and Facebook pages. Beginning December 21 which happens to be National Kiwifruit Day — the California Kiwifruit Commission will post weekly tweets to provide quick and easy access to a host of information about kiwifruit.

California Kiwifruit Commission posts will contain something for everyone, explained Chris Zanobini, President of the California Kiwifruit Commission. For the produce buying trade, we will post information such as harvest updates, storage reports and general crop and quality information. But our tweets will also include fun and useful information for both retail and foodservice buying trade and consumers such as helpful tips on kiwifruit handling, recipes and interesting facts.

Zanobini noted that the California Kiwifruit Commission just completed a redesign of its website at and the site now has a fresh and fun look which will be attractive to consumers. There is a lot of really useful information on our new website to provide the trade and consumers with facts and information on kiwifruit, said Zanobini. In combination with the new Twitter and Facebook pages, we can provide a number of audiences with up-to-date information about kiwifruit and have a bit of fun at the same time.

The California Kiwifruit Commission is urging all members of the trade to follow the kiwi tweets and to become Facebook fans. The kiwi tweets can be accessed directly at The Commission is also encouraging the trade to help spread the word about this social media campaign by encouraging consumers to follow the California Kiwifruit Commission tweets. A kiwi tweet icon has been developed which can be posted on websites, newsletters or e-mails to direct people to the kiwi tweet Twitter and Facebook pages. The icon and link can be downloaded through the California Kiwifruit Commission website under the section on Retail Trade.

For more information about the California Kiwifruit Commissions new kiwi tweet campaign, please contact Chris Zanobini at (916) 441-0678.

Source: California Kiwifruit Commission