California Strawberry Commission Releases Videos to Help Protect Workers from COVID-19

WATSONVILLE, CA – The California Strawberry Commission (CSC) is continuing to focus on worker health and safety training amidst the challenging times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. They have recently released a series of training videos to remind workers of the simple steps they can take in the field and while at home, to keep themselves and their families safe from the virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with medical and public health experts, agree on the three most important practices people can implement to avoid infection. These include socially distancing from those who do not live in their household, washing their hands frequently and always wearing a face covering when amongst others. The new CSC videos, produced in English, Spanish and Mixtec, combine demonstrations, animations, and alliterations to help people remember what to do to incorporate these practices into their daily activities.

“People are more likely to turn lessons into habits when they are presented with simple, easy to remember messages,” said Carolyn O’Donnell, communications director for the Commission, “and these videos do exactly that with the three W’s in English, and the three M’s in Spanish and Mixtec.”

Watch Your Distance/Mantenga su distancia.
Wear a Face Covering/Mascarillas puestas.
Wash Your Hands/Manos Limpias

The use of alliteration helps people remember simple, but powerful messages, and are reinforced with visual demonstrations and animations to remind people of practical ways to stay safe and healthy. The videos can be viewed online at:


The Commission also unveiled a new video featuring Peter and John Navarro, second generation berry growers from Watsonville, talking about how farmers are taking measures to protect workers on the ranch.



About California Strawberries:
The California Strawberry Commission represents more than 400 strawberry farmers, shippers, and processors, proudly working together to advance strawberry farming for the future of our land and people. Commission programs create opportunities for success through groundbreaking programs focused on workforce training, strawberry production research, and nutrition research. Through science-based information and education, we deliver good news about sustainable farming practices that benefit the health of people, farms, and communities.