Celebrate 50 Years Of Sesame Street With Classic Harvest’s Eat Brighter! Mandarins

PARAMUS, NJ—Classic Harvest is now shipping limited edition Sesame Street Anniversary eat brighter!™ mandarins nationally. Classic Harvest’s sweet, juicy eat brighter!™ mandarins – featuring the frenzied-but-cuddly Cookie Monster character celebrating 50 years of Sesame Street. Cookie Monster leads the charge with great eating mandarins from Peru and Chile, now shipping from southern New Jersey.

“We ship eat brighter! Cookie Monster mandarins year-round. The anniversary packaging is a fun way to wrap up Classic Harvest’s record summer of shipping mandarins”, said Jennifer Westerhoff, Classic Harvest executive vice president. “This summer we increased volumes exponentially with top quality fruit from Peru and Chile, and we’re now finishing the season with the best eating fruit all year, so we are ready to party! Cookie Monster is featured twelve months a year on our mandarins, but 50th Anniversary “party mode” Cookie Monster is available for just a short time!”

The convenient Sesame Street 50th Anniversary bag – only available from Classic Harvest – features attention grabbing, high quality graphics staring Cookie Monster eat brighter!™ mandarins. All mandarins are available to ship from Classic Harvest facilities in Vineland, NJ.

The eat brighter! initiative is a collaboration among Produce Marketing Association, Sesame Workshop and the Partnership for a Healthier America that leverages the strength and influence of the Sesame Street brand to drive fresh produce consumption for kids ages 2-5 and their families. The eat brighter! branding in produce departments provides a positive, healthy example for kids to model in a way that’s fun and exciting.

“For 50 years, Sesame Street has appealed not only to children, but also to their parents and caregivers,” said Linda Cunningham, Classic Harvest president. “Our eat brighter! mandarins are available twelve months a year, but the Anniversary bags are a limited edition featuring the best eating fruit of the season.”

Place your order of Classic Harvest eat brighter! mandarins in the limited-edition Sesame Street 50th Anniversary packaging featuring Cooking Monster by contacting the Classic Harvest Sales Team at 559.549.5980. Classic Harvest also offers Cara Cara oranges, navels, lemons and a complete line of specialty citrus, all perfect for the year-round citrus assortment. Visit www.classicharvest.com to learn more.

Photo Caption: The high graphic 50th Anniversary packaging of Classic Harvest eat brighter!™ Cookie Monster mandarins in the produce department will grab kids’ attention and the sweet, juicy taste of this high-quality citrus will have them asking mom for more. Cookie Monster Mandarins are available only from Classic Harvest year-round, but the Sesame Street 50th Anniversary bags are a limited time offering.

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About Classic Harvest

Classic Harvest, founded in May 2014, is a year-round grower direct marketer of citrus, grapes and stone fruit. Our owners have more than 70 years of produce experience. Based in Paramus, NJ, we market grower direct fruit twelve months a year and have offices, cold storage and packinghouses in New Jersey, Florida and California. For more, visit www.classicharvest.com.