Central American Produce Launches Hard Squash Program

Central American Produce has received their first shipment of Mayan Pride butternut squash from their farms in Guatemala.  Shipments of spaghetti squash will start arriving to the U.S. by January 7.

“We grow our squash in a very unique climate” says Michael Warren, company president.  “Our squash is cultivated at high altitudes in volcanic soils, which truly enhances the flavor, sweetness, and vibrant color of each squash variety.  We encourage customers to try our squash and see how it enhances their sales.”

“We consider butternut squash to be a ‘super-food’.  It is high in many anti-oxidant rich vitamins and minerals, and is recommended for controlling cholesterol and weight reduction.  Spaghetti squash is also highly nutritious and a great substitute for potatoes, rice or pasta. “

Central American will have both butternut squash and spaghetti squash available until June.


Source: Central American Produce