Chilean Citrus Committee Releases Updated Season Forecast

With Chilean clementines and lemons already in market, and navels and mandarins on the way, the Chilean Citrus Committee of ASOEX has released an updated season forecast. Clementine volumes, originally expected to increase by seven percent to 55,000 tons, are now projected to jump to 59,000 tons, a 14% increase over 2020.  Export volumes of lemons, navels and mandarins remain in line with the first 2021 forecast (98,000, 89,000 and 145,000 tons, respectively). With a total citrus forecast of 391,000 tons, Chile expects to ship roughly 85% of all volume to the U.S. market.

As of Week 25, Chile had exported 8,142 tons (519,369 boxes) of clementines, totaling 40,040 tons (2,541,962 boxes), up 11% over same time last season, with 98% of the volume being sent to the U.S. (39,392 tons; 2,500,892 boxes). Of the volume shipped to the U.S., 69% was destined for the East Coast (27,315 tons; 1,736,608 boxes) and 31% for the West Coast (12,077 tons; 764,284 boxes). 

Navel shipments are steadily increasing, with the largest week of exports expected in Week 26.  Chile shipped a total of 6,595 tons of navels through Week 25, with 5,534 tons (84%) destined for North America. Lemon exports have also been steady and strong, with 11,476 tons (52%) heading to North America.  The first mandarin shipments were recorded in Week 25, with the entire volume (140 tons/8,767 boxes) destined for the U.S.

The Citrus Committee’s promotion lineup includes more than 40 retail programs, encompassing everything from digital ads, coupons and instant savings to in-store programs like cooking classes and sampling.  To support these programs, the Committee has produced numerous new point of sale items, videos and digital assets, showing shoppers why Chilean citrus is more “apeeling” than ever.  Karen Brux, Managing Director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, comments, “Chile offers a full range of premium quality citrus.  With online retail marketing programs expanding, and in-store opportunities finally coming back, we’ll be utilizing a range of promotional tools to support retailers and communicate citrus nutrition and usage ideas to shoppers.” Chilean Citrus promotions will continue through October.