Chiquita Celebrates Thanksgiving by Sharing a-Peeling Banana-Centric Recipes and Giving Back

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Chiquita is encouraging fans to get into the thankful spirit by reminding them that a small celebration can be just as festive as long as you’re celebrating with fall favorite recipes and sharing them with family and friends. That’s why Chiquita has created four tasty recipes using its flavorful yellow bananas for fans to enjoy while making Thanksgiving memories at home with loved ones.

Chiquita’s tasty Thanksgiving recipes include:

Easy Thanksgiving Pie with Chiquita Banana

Pie is a Thanksgiving staple, and this Easy Chiquita Banana Thanksgiving Pie gives the classic dessert a sweet twist. With a delicious cookie crumb crust and smooth filling, this recipe is sure to impress!

Homemade Thanksgiving Dessert with Chiquita Banana

Homemade Chiquita Banana Thanksgiving Pudding offers layers of creamy pudding and crunchy lemon cookies to ensure the perfect bite in each spoonful!

Leftover Easy Chiquita Banana Bread

A go-to recipe, Leftover Easy Chiquita Banana Bread is the perfect way utilize overripe bananas. This dessert is deliciously moist and will be well-loved by family and friends!

Chocolate Chiquita Banana Bread

Calling all chocolate lovers! Chocolate and Chiquita Banana Bread is the ultimate blend of chocolate and bananas for a mouthwatering dessert that will have you hooked from the first bite!

“Food brings people together, and traditions such as cooking with loved ones during Thanksgiving have the power to create important memories. We’re thankful for the opportunity to have Chiquita bananas in American households all over the country during this special time of year for fans to use as the perfect ingredient to incorporate into delicious, yet nutritious recipes,” said Tina Varjabedian, Marketing Manager for North America.

In addition to sharing banana-centric Thanksgiving recipes, Chiquita is giving back by spearheading donation efforts for Central Americans impacted by the recent Hurricane Eta, which destroyed local homes, hospitals, schools and roads. The company has been cultivating its yellow bananas in the tropics for more than 100 years, and is working closely with key relief organizations and governmental institutions to organize and execute relief efforts through essential supply and banana donations, funds and logistical transportation. To learn more about Chiquita’s restoration efforts and how to support this important cause, visit Chiquita’s official Facebook page.

Chiquita is also getting into the giving spirit through its partnership with Feeding America. This year, Chiquita has donated eleven million bananas to the organization in response to the growing issue of food insecurity and will proudly continue its impactful partnership through Thanksgiving and the holidays, donating to the families the organization serves.

Chiquita bananas are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, making them a go-to snack to support a well-rounded lifestyle. Plus, they’re an amazing addition to desserts for their natural sweetness and ability to keep baked goods moist.

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