Colombia Avocado Board Elects New Board Members

Orlando, FL – Earlier this week the Colombia Avocado Board (CAB) met, electing new officers to its Board of Directors. The newly elected officers, together with other members of CAB, will be instrumental in cultivating the business expansion of Colombian avocados in the United States market.

New to the nine-member Board of Directors are:

Serving two-year terms:

  • Dustin Hahn, West Coast Sales Director of Naturipe
  • Mauricio Moranth, General Manager of Montana Fruits

Serving one-year terms:

  • Gerardo Huerta of Del Rey Avocado
  • Ricardo Mejia, General Manager of Fruty Green
  • Sergio Plata Ortiz, Manager of Baika

Reelected to serve two-year terms were Chairman, Ricardo Uribe of Cartama, Vice Chairman, Jorge Restrepo of Corpohass, and Treasurer, Kellen Newhouse of WestPak Avocados. Secretary, Brock Becker of Mission Produce was also reelected and will serve a one-year term.

“On behalf of the members of the Colombia Avocado Board, I’d like to congratulate, as well as thank our new officers for their commitment to the mission of the CAB,” said managing director, William Watson.  “I look forward to working together to help grow demand for Colombian avocados in the United States as we continue to roll out promotional opportunities of Colombian Hass avocados.”

Colombian avocados have been approved to ship into the United States since 2019 and the import volume to the U.S. continues to grow at staggering annual rates making Colombia one of the avocado export leaders.

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About Colombia Avocado Board

The mission of CAB is to build the tools to work in sync with the Hass Avocado Board to cultivate consumers in the United States by aligning growers, exporters, and importers together under one cohesive marketing effort focused on Colombian avocados.  CAB was certified by USDA on January 7, 2020, under the authorization of the Hass Avocado Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 2000 (7 U.S.C. 7801-7813).  For more information, please visit