Concord Foods Announces New Seasoning Mixes in Response to Recent Shopper Trends

Brockton, Mass. –  Concord Foods, a leading innovator of produce companion products, will be launching three new Fresh Success vegetable seasoning mixes just in time for the summer entertaining season. The three new mix flavors include Garlic & Parmesan Sauce, Buffalo Cauliflower and Street Taco, and are expected to hit the shelves July, 2019.

Concord Foods continues to innovate through extensive new product development practices, which includes research on unique flavors, popular restaurant menus and emerging recipes throughout specialty food markets. The three new flavors, which will be added to Concord’s line of 23 other seasonings, were curated with the shopper in mind and are capitalizing on this summer’s hottest trends.

The brand’s Buffalo Cauliflower mix capitalizes on the growing popularity of cauliflower, meatless appetizers, and grain free menu options. The popularity of cauliflower as a non-breaded veggie appetizer is expected to increase by 21.6% alone, according to Technomic. The other two mixes also take advantage of growing trends. The Garlic & Parmesan Sauce is a great companion to zoodles for a low-carb and grain free dinner option while the Street Taco mix elevates the flavors of fresh vegetables for a plant-based meal option.

“Our team takes extreme pride in providing products that align with current food trends and encourage greater consumption of fresh produce,” said Samantha McCaul, marketing manager of Concord Foods. “These new items are not only going to excite shoppers, but our summer inspired combination in-store shipper, designed to display these new mixes will also excite our shoppers. The new shipper holds eight times the amount of product, which will be a great asset for our retail partners to significantly increase department sales.”

Concord’s new shipper will hold the brand’s popular guacamole mix as well as the new Street Taco and Buffalo Cauliflower mixes in an eye-catching summer themed display designed to inspire shoppers to eat fresh this summer. As always, all of Concord’s seasoning mixes are made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and are an economical addition for those seeking healthy eating options.

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