Consentio Adds Sustainability Features to its Fresh Produce Digital Trading Platform

Consentio, the leading digital trading platform for fresh produce, has added sustainability data enabling buyers and sellers to initially view carbon dioxide and water consumption data when trading produce.

“This is a small start” confirmed Benoit Vandevivere, CEO & co-founder of Consentio, “but our aspirations are much greater. We will be incrementally adding more sustainability features such as details of the grower and the produce journey from farm to fork”.

Consentio digital platform tracks fresh produce transactions from the grower, through the distributors to the retailers, and with 12,000 users globally, the platform tracks the transactions and so offers extensive supply chain visibility to an ever-increasing range of customers. The new sustainability feature will enable buyers to view carbon and water data, alongside price and availability, when selecting a supplier of produce. The sustainability data published in Consentio is drawn from accredited government sources, and whilst it is possible for suppliers to update ‘their’ data, the sustainability data provided must be accredited.

“It is not just fresh produce; the entire world of food production and supply is changing rapidly” continued Vandevivere. “Consumers want to know more about the food they eat, where it was produced and when , what the carbon impact has been during the food production, and much more. Retailers are now looking for suppliers who can provide true and verifiable provenance with transparent supply chains meaning some food producers are finding it harder to gain shelf space. It is our aim to place Consentio at the heart of this revolution, offering provable, transaction based, transparent supply chains, accessible from all technologies”.

Consentio is a digital trading platform with 12,000 customers across Europe and North America.

Consentio has recently raised $5m to support US business expansion. Led by Mundi Ventures, an international Venture Capital fund that invests in US, Europe, Israel, and Singapore. The round also saw participation from Hambro Perks, the London-headquartered international investment firm focused on investing in the private technology sector, and Label Investments, who specialize in the Agriculture sector and is very active in the United States and Mexico. Consentio saw order values traded through the platform triple in the last year and is on target to reach €1 billion in the next 12 months.