Consentio Launches ‘Magic Orders’

Consentio, the leading digital trading platform for fresh produce, is pleased to announce the launch of Magic Orders.

Many fresh produce companies receive sales orders by email and fax and other formats and then manually type the orders into their ERP or stock/accounting system, which is costly, time consuming and error prone.

Magic Orders automates this process and electronically reads the orders and passes them directly to your ERP and internal systems. No more typing!

It can, if required, perform pre-validation of codes and prices, highlighting errors before updating the internal systems.

This frees up staff to do more value-added work like finding new customers and growing the business.

Jorge Vasquez, CEO of Latin Specialties commented “We now have 1 person doing the work of 4 pre Consentio and we are now taking orders 24/7”.

Andy Makeham, Head of Consentio USA commented ‘Our early customers are showing massive savings from Magic Orders. It is simple to use, simple to install and highly affordable. Just point your orders at your Magic Order email address and the system does the rest. It usually pays for itself in just a few weeks”.

Magic Orders can read most order formats including PDF, XLS, CSV, Text, EDI formats and more.

For more details contact:

Andy Makeham, (714) 803 4022,

Carlos Galvin, (919) 785 8719

Consentio is a digital trading platform with 12,000 customers across Europe and increasingly North America. Consentio has recently raised $5m to support US business expansion. Led by Mundi Ventures, an international Venture Capital fund that invests in the US, Europe, Israel, and Singapore. The round also saw participation from Hambro Perks, the London-headquartered international investment firm focused on investing in the private technology sector, and Label Investments, who specialize in the Agriculture sector and is very active in the United States and Mexico. Consentio saw order values traded through the platform triple in the last year and is on target to reach €1 billion in the next 12 months.