Cosmic Crisp Apple Named a Good Housekeeping Institute 2020 Healthy Snack Award Winner

YAKIMA, Wash. — It’s been a year of increased snacking, making it extra special to earn a spot on Good Housekeeping Institute’s 2020 Healthy Snack Awards. And proudly sitting at the top of the list is the Cosmic Crisp® apple. Classically bred and grown in Washington State, the Cosmic Crisp® brand apple took the country by storm when it hit produce aisles late last year and quickly sold out before Spring.

Why did the apple wow the Registered Dietician at the Good Housekeeping Nutrition Lab, who tests and evaluates hundreds of snacks each year for these awards? The publication notes, “A Cosmic Crisp® apple is low-calorie yet nutrient-dense, packed with antioxidants and excellent fiber counts for a delicious and nourishing addition to just about any meal or snack.”

A cross between the Honeycrisp and Enterprise varieties, Cosmic Crisp® apples have a perfectly balanced flavor making them ideal for snacking. And as Good Housekeeping points out, their natural sweetness makes them a go-to ingredient for baking. Cosmic Crisp® also got a nod for it’s slow to brown quality, a natural result of its sugar and acid levels. This is a bonus for taking slices on the go or serving them when entertaining.

“With people snacking more frequently, and families eating at home, it’s helpful to have resources like the Good Housekeeping Healthy Snack Awards list for grocery shopping. We’re thrilled to have the Cosmic Crisp® included,” said Kathryn Grandy, Director of Marketing and Operations for Proprietary Variety Management who markets the Cosmic Crisp® apple.

“Our fans can start snacking on their new favorite apple again soon. Thanks to the tireless work of Washington State apple growers, Cosmic Crisp® orchards are brimming with top quality fruit,” Grandy added.

The Cosmic Crisp® apple will ship to major grocery chains nationwide on November 23rd.

About Cosmic Crisp®
The Cosmic Crisp® brand apple is the remarkable result of 20 years of study and research by Washington State University’s world-class tree fruit breeding program. Classically bred and grown in Washington State, the Cosmic Crisp® is a cross of the Enterprise and Honeycrisp varieties. The large, juicy and red apple has a perfectly balanced flavor and firm texture, making it ideal for snacking, cooking, baking, and entertaining. For information and updates, visit