Courchesne Larose Takes its Commitment to Sustainable Development to the Next Level

MONTREAL, CANADA Courchesne Larose, a leading player in the Canadian fruit and vegetable industry, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the ECORESPONSABLETM Certification Level 2. Performance, for its high-level environmental and social requirements. The century-old family business has always had sustainable development at the core of its mission and wishes to remain a role model for food companies that play a leading role in society.

The ECORESPONSIBLE Certification, Level 2. Performance, issued by ECOCERT CANADA, is awarded following a rigorous process that independently and impartially assessed the compliance of Courchesne Larose’s sustainable business processes. The certification applies to its two sites in Anjou and Central Market in Montreal.

“We are very proud to obtain the second level of the internationally-recognized ECORESPONSABLETM Certification. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, it is essential for Courchesne Larose to mobilize its teams and constantly reinvent itself in order to take concrete actions to improve our environmental and societal practices. We want to have a positive and sustainable impact on our planet, because it is the Earth that produces the fruits and vegetables that feed our industry,” said Alain Routhier, President of Courchesne Larose.  

This new historical step demonstrates once again Courchesne Larose’s determination to contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon economy and healthy eating.

A Regenerative Business Vision

Courchesne Larose became aware of its impact on the life cycle of its activities and has set up an eco-responsibility committee to allocate the necessary resources to achieve its sustainable development objectives, both in terms of employee training and in its supply chain. 

Recently, Courchesne Larose installed new LED lighting in its warehouses, which allows for significant energy savings and has also acquired electric trailers for short-term storage of products. Also, it uses a technology in its cold rooms to free the air of ethylene, a gas produced by certain fruits and vegetables, thereby allowing for improved preservation. The company is always seeking new ways to optimize its operations through food preservation and safety, in addition to promoting local purchasing when a product is available in Quebec.

“Courchesne Larose does everything in its power to offer its customers fresh fruits and vegetables of superior quality, so that it can delight consumers with a varied and delicious offer. This mission also implies that we must relentlessly contribute to reducing our environmental footprint. We are able to improve ourselves by integrating sustainable development considerations into our strategic planning, while mobilizing our work teams around a common vision,” added Frédéric Monette, Vice-President of Operations at Courchesne Larose. 

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Let us recall that Courchesne Larose initiated the creation of Loop Mission, a circular economy project that reduces food waste and repurposes rejected fruits and vegetables by transforming them into different products. Loop Mission recently won the People’s Choice Award at the global startup competition Get in the Ring 2021. Also, Courchesne Larose, which has always been concerned about food security in its community, is a major contributor to Moisson Montreal and Moisson Rive-Sud.

About Courchesne Larose

A major player in the Canadian fruit and vegetable industry for over 100 years, Courchesne Larose Ltd. is a family-owned company with over 420 employees. Its primary mission is to provide its suppliers with the largest and best distribution network of fresh fruits and vegetables in Eastern Canada, allowing its customers to benefit from diversified and quality products year-round. Its suppliers come from all over the world and its customers are located throughout Canada and on the American East Coast.