Covid 19: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, a Long Storage Solution to Limit Waste

Faced with the unprecedented situation into which the Covid19 has suddenly plunged society as a whole, many fresh fruit and vegetable growers find themselves stuck with their produce, with no possibility of selling it through their usual marketing channels. The production volumes that have already been lost, and those that are likely to be lost in the coming weeks, are truly heartbreaking.

This is all the more critical as food, and the management of food supply chains, are clearly among the crucial factors determining each country’s ability to get through this Covid19 crisis.

Long-term preservation in controlled atmosphere boxes might be a truly good a solution to help many growers get through this difficult period.

By keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for much longer periods than a regular cold room, they make it possible to store and keep crops marketable while awaiting the return of conditions that will allow them to be brought to market.

“At JMT, our raison d’être has always been to provide growers with solutions to help them reduce their losses and offer their customers fresh produce of the highest quality for longer. Now that they need it more than ever, we stand ready to provide this assistance to growers. We have organized ourselves to be able to continue to meet these needs despite this particular context”, says Benoit Janny, general manager of the company.

A message to share to any growers who feel helpless in the face of their production losses due to the epidemic.